Things Happen....

When concerns arise with your flooring, you
contact the person that sold the flooring to
you, or a contractor to fix the issues of an
existing floor, you purchased with the home.

the cause is usually unknown and hidden.
Guessing is not in your best interest with your
investment. Not many contractors have the
knowledge to identify the cause and after
correcting the issues, they fail again... and
again... and again.

Some failures are obvious to consumers, while
other concerns and failures are confusing and
hard to understand how it all happened... Or you
are getting the run around with fingers pointing
in every direction as to who is at fault.

This is where a 3rd party unbiased
investigator is needed to just tell it like it is,
searching through the fog, based on facts, with
testing and documentation, using industry &
manufacturer standards and requirements to
come to a fact based conclusion of the cause.

NWFA Certified Investigator #204104

ITSFC Investigator #117

CFI expert installation specialist #8339

associate degree wood science: UT Nashville

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